European University Centre at Peking University

In April 2009 the European University Centre (EUC) opened at the main campus of Peking University, with the goal of establishing a centre for cooperation in research and education. Chairman for the first four year period was professor Göran Bexell, former Vice-Chancellor at Lund University. The new Chair, elected in June 2013, is professor Mary E. Daly, former Principal of the University College Dublin College of Arts and Celtic Studies and former Vice President of University College Dublin.

Currently, the EUC serves to:

  • Increase the possibilities to establish joint research projects between the involved European universities and Peking University, within various disciplines and faculties
  • Increase knowledge of Europe and China by establishing courses in European and Chinese studies at the Master/PhD level
  • Arrange conferences at Peking University and at partner universities in Europe
  • Act as a centre for researchers from the European universities and Peking University focusing on comparative studies between China and Europe
  • Become a platform for cooperation between the participating European universities, Peking University and other research universities and research institutions in China like CAS and CASS
  • Increase knowledge about European and Chinese university systems
  • Provide service for staff and researchers and general information to students visiting Peking University
  • Increase cooperation between the involved European universities, for instance in relation to joint courses/programs, Erasmus-Mundus External Cooperation Window etc, together with Peking University and other selected universities in China
  • Be of assistance regarding co-ordination of student and staff exchange between the involved European universities and Peking University


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