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EURAXESS Links China

EURAXESS Links China is a networking and information tools, sponsored by the European Commission, for European researchers active in China. Besides its public website and its interactive e-community platform, EURAXESS Links China publishes a monthly newsletter and organizes networking and thematic events aimed at supporting the activities of European researchers in China. EURAXESS is open to Chinese researchers and all those interested and involved in research exchanges between China and Europe. Membership is free.

For more information, please contact Information Officer Jacques de Soyres.

Links Education/Research in China

China’s Ministry of Education

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology

China Scholarship Council

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

China Science and Technology Exchange Center

China-European Union Science and Technology Cooperation Promotion Office

Dragon Star

Links Education/Research Europe


Peking University

Homepage of Peking University

Office of International Relations at Peking University

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